1. WHEN TO EXPECT MY BIKINI ORDER? > Your order will be complete within ONE full month/TWO weeks/ONE WEEK (as selected) from the date you have placed it/provided your measurements. Then, it will be dispatched via the shipping method you have selected - 3-5 working days or next working day after completion. For example you placed your order on 1 Oct 2018, then it will be complete on 1 November 2018 + further time for shipping. 

2. I PAID FOR 2 WEEKS DELIVERY, BUT HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY ORDER? > Please note we don't offer 2 weeks delivery - we offer 2 weeks completion + further time for delivery need to be allowed (depending on the shipping you selected - free  up to 5 working days or next day) - please always ensure to read our turnaround and delivery times information carefully in order to plan your order efficiently and to avoid disappointment. 

2. WHEN TO EXPECT MY SHOES ORDER? - Please allow up to 14 working days for UK shipping and 14 - 28 working days for international shipping. Ho9wever in the current climate, delays and limited stock are very likely.

3. I HAVE ORDERED SHOES WITH BIKINI/ACCESSORIES? CAN I RECEIVE SOME ITEMS EARLIER? - As you have placed a multiple items order, all items will be dispatched at the same time accordingly. Should you wish to receive some items separately, then a separate order with the relevant shipping cost will need to be placed accordingly.  

IMPORTANT: You ordered but haven't received a confirmation? Tip: Please always check your JUNK FOLDER and you should find it there. You have ordered but haven't heard from us? - We are busy processing your order and have already put together full information when to expect your order on our website here > 

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Please 48 hours to 3 working days for a response to your enquiry.

POLITE NOTICE: Please treat us respectfully, the way you want to be treated. Respect us to respect you! In case any issues, these will be reviewed via the appropriate procedures - if you don't agree to this, then don't order from us please. No unacceptable, pressurising, unkind attitude will be tolerated - we will block such individuals instantly without notice as we value our time. Kindness is the only way to our hearts, thank you! Selina Bikini