Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully. If you do not agree to them, please do not use our website. 

Turnaround Times

We process a custom suit within One Full Month, Excluding Delivery from full payment and measurements received. We also offer a Priority and Rush service subject to an additional fee/s. 


Order placed on 01/09/2021 = Completion on 01/10/2021 + extra 3-5 days standard shipping. 

Please note our completion times exclude delivery.

Shipping Options: Standard UK Recorded Delivery (3-5 Business Days) or Next Day Delivery (Next Working Day). 

When is best to place your custom order?

When possible, we recommend not waiting until last minute to order your unique and special costume. All our styles are made to order with care and attention to detail, so things can take time. We recommend that you purchase your items by adding at least 2 weeks - 1 month above the recommended production turnaround cutoffs from the date needed so you have time to arrange for e.g.any alterations if needed and as shipping times are variable (unless Express shipping is chosen). Selina Bikini will not be responsible for any last minute orders and cannot be rushed at any time for any earlier completions or deliveries and where clients have not allowed sufficient time for delivery, posing practice, alterations etc of their custom order. It is also unfair to try and jump over our other clients on the queue who have been waiting for their orders within the same schedules. 


    Our customers' enquiries are fundamentally important to us! We know that you are so excited about having a new custom suit made and would like to speak with us over the phone. But imagine if we were spending hours on the phone, then who is going to make your gorgeous suits? Please contact us via the Contact Us section on our eshop or email us at enquiries@selinabikini.co.uk, customercare@selinabikini.co.uk. Please allow 48 hours - 3 business days (except weekends and Bank Holidays) for a reply. Our normal hours of business are Mon-Thu 9.30am-5.30pm and Fri 9.30-4pm (except bank holidays).


    The most important bit! Incorrect measurements provided = Incorrect fit. Measurements are provided in line with our detailed and illustrated Measuring Guide. (If easier, ask a friend to help you!). Our custom suits reflect the measurements you provide us. Measurements are correct at the time of order. No further/different measurements can be accepted whilst order being processed (we cannot re-make your special bespoke suit last minute with different measurements to the ones originally provided, sorry - our gorgeous garments take care, attention and time to make!). Once order is received, if any alterations are required, then you will need to contact us with the adjustment/s required. Whilst slight alterations can be made, we are not responsible if any incorrect or incomplete measurements are provided. It is the customer's responsibility to plan and place their order in good time e.g to allow for delivery or any alterations requested as those cannot be performed any earlier than our stated alterations times.  We do not accept a dress size, photographs, etc as a valid measurement. Measurements can be provided in inches or cms. Please indicate your preferred measure ( e.g inch/" or cm/cms) when providing your measurements. If there is no indication, we shall assume that you have provided your measurements in inches being the commonly used measure. Any missing measurements may result in a delay of your order. In the event of missing order measurements, it will be assumed that clients wish to provide those at a later date and will also need to allow for our stated completion and delivery times accordingly. Any clarifications/updates/details etc need to be solidified prior to placing your custom order. We are unable to re-make your special handmade bespoke suit last minute with different measurements to the ones you have originally provided (what will be the point of giving us initial measurements? -  some clients assume that we can simply re-make a bespoke unique bikini last minute with brand new measurements - sorry but competition bikini making is not a simple process  - we cannot just re-make you a brand new bikini with new measurements - our gorgeous garments take a great amount of time, attention and care to make. We do offer an alterations after-service if any adjustments are needed. All decisions are final. Please confirm your contest specific outfit requirements prior to ordering your item/s. If you have placed an order and decide to provide measurements later, we will need to receive those 36 months from order. Due to limited stock facilities, we are unable to keep your order materials for a longer period and if measurements are not received within the time above, then your order will be cancelled and no refund can be issued. 

    Custom Orders

    Please email us or fill out our custom order form with details of the style/fabric/connectors requested prior to order. We will then be able to send you a quote. Adding a fabric sample to a suit order placed directly online is NOT a valid request for a different fabric/material. We use various materials and costs reflect the style you choose. If you order an online style and then you email us that you want to change the fabric/material, your request will not be valid. All custom order requests must be made prior to order. All decisions are final!


    We offer a Standard Shipping - Royal Mail UK Recorded 3-5 business on all bikini orders. Shoes orders are currently subject to 1-2 months UK Recorded Delivery.* Please note these are estimate times only. Stock availability may vary. Alternative style may be requested if the one originally ordered has become unavailable or discontinued, subject to availability. Shipping may be earlier or may take longer depending on various factors and current climate. As our shoes are exclusively pre-ordered from the USA sometimes, delays in the mailing system might be possible. Our free fabric samples are sent via RM First Class post at £4.95 which is refundable once you place a bikini order. Delivery may take slightly longer during peak periods. Special Guaranteed Next Day delivery may be opted at £8.00 applicable to suits orders only. We ship international Orders via Royal Mail and Parcelforce International. Please note that undeliverable items that are not collected from the Post Office are returned to Selina Bikini usually after 14 days if they are not claimed. These items will have to be resent, incurring an additional P&P charge for which the customer is liable. Selina Bikini is not responsible for any custom charges that your country's customs may apply to your package. Any customs charges are payable by the customer. If these are not paid, any returns might be refunded less our shipping costs. These items can be stored for a maximum of 60 days. We are not responsible for any delayed/lost/undelivered/ damaged items in the mailing system. Please let us know if you would like to purchase an insurance for an added piece of mind. We are not responsible for any incurred international shipping customs charges. It is the client's responsibility to pay any incurred customs shipping charges. 

    * We are a Pleaser USA shoes Stockist and as such we do not have a live stock inventory and monitoring facility that can be incorporated on our website. Stock levels of shoes may vary and we shall inform and update customers of ETA or possible alternatives where stock has become currently unavailable or where shipping delays are likely due to the above. 

    *Multiple Items Order Shipping. Where multiple items including shoes and jewellery are ordered altogether with a custom suit order (which obviously takes longer to make), you accept that all items will be dispatched altogether accordingly once your custom suit order is complete. Should you wish to have a separate and quicker delivery of any of the other items ordered (except for the suit), then a separate order/s will need to be placed accordingly and the relevant shipping costs will be applicable. 

    Alterations Service 

    We would like to ensure that our suits fit you perfectly and we offer an alterations service, subject to an individual quote including re-stocking, postage fees and overall work involved. Once your package received we will make the necessary alteration/s within 7 business days (excluding delivery) of payment receipt.

    • IMPORTANT: We are not responsible where clients have not allowed sufficient time for alterations. It is the clients responsibilityt to plan and place their order in good time. We cannot be rushed at anytime for any earlier alterations as we cannot compromise on quality. It is also extremely unfair to try to jump over our other clients on the queue who have planned their orders and awaiting for their adjustments within the same schedules.  
    • Our alterations service is only available to suits made by us. We are not responsible if any incorrect measurements are provided. We are not responsible for any items lost in the mailing system. We recommend the use of a traceable shipping method. 
    • Alterations can be made to improve the fit of the costume. Requesting an overall size change, bra size increase, bottoms coverage style change etc, is NOT an alteration. New suit/bra/bottoms will need to be made accordingly subject to standard pricing. 
    • You accept that no alterations will be made any earlier than the stated times above.

    Refunds and Exchanges - Custom Suits

    Our custom made suits are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 

    Please note the above applies regardless you have provided your measurements at the time of order or not. All costumes are exclusively custom made to your specific requirements, using highest quality luxurious materials, entirely from scratch and measurements requested and unique to you. We DO NOT stock ready made identical machine-made garments from a factory in bulk in standard colours or sizes, but every item we create is individual to every client. Specific fabric and design patterns may vary as every suit is individually handmade entirely from scratch. Please note that our gorgeous costumes are bespoke, all hand-made, hand-decorated and personalised to your measurements/specific requirements. They are not uniformly and identically made by machines in bulk in a factory and therefore, there might be the odd imperfection/s, but that means no suit is ever the same and that's what makes our items unique! It is possible that there might be slight differences between the batches of materials we receive over the course of time and fabric and colour patterns may vary slightly. We quality check each and every single item prior to delivery. This involves two people and guarantees that your items are in perfect condition. We do not accept any custom suits returns at any time unless the item is faulty. Alterations can be made to ensure a perfect fit. 

    Once you have placed an order and paid for your unique custom bikini, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. When you place a Custom Order, you are paying upfront for the commitment of our Senior Designer for your Individual Custom Bikini Design Work and their opportunity cost of time. Design work is an essential stage of the bikini making process regardless you have or have not provided your measurements. Our Senior Designer’s time is fixed once you pay for your costume. By ordering and paying for your bespoke bikini you have officially blocked out the Designer’s diary for the design work on your costume and therefore by default have made the Senior Designer commit this time for your work in their diary. This means they can now not work on someone else’s design within the capacity they have. The Designer and the business therefore loses that opportunity if you then decide to cancel your bikini and therefore, our policy above must be strictly enforced. You are also paying for all of your chosen exclusive materials, which we spend valuable time to select, liaise with various suppliers and order exclusively for your custom bikini. Even if no measurements are provided yet, all bikini-specific materials are ordered as soon as a custom order is placed. Fabric and all other materials you required for your unique design are allocated with our sewing team in readiness for your measurements instruction to ensure timely order completion. If for some reason you are unable to attend your event, we have generously extended our measurements submission deadline to 36 months from order which gives you more than reasonable time to rearrange or plan a future event. 

    Faulty Goods, Missing Items or Other Issues


    It is the client's responsibility to inspect the goods upon delivery. In the extremely rare event of a fault or any other problem/s with your custom bikini, we must be notified about the issue within 3 days of the item receipt via customercare@selinabikini.co.uk. We will not be able to investigate if you fail to notify us within the stated time above. No exceptions due to experiences in the past, sorry. Please note, any faulty items returns must have a fully completed Faulty Returns Form which will be emailed to you.  Any goods received without the appropriate paperwork will not be authorised. Any stated faults/issues are not confirmed until these are fully verified and reviewedOnce received, we aim to reply within 14 days of the complaint being made. Please be assured that we will do our best to fix the problem. Any unauthorised returns will not be accepted and will need to be retrieved at your own cost. If a fault is detected upon delivery, the item/s must be sent back unworn in their original condition including labelling and any cover case no later than 7 working days from the complaint being made. The original order reference or a print out of the receipt order confirmation and the reason for return must also be included. If any returns do not meet those conditions, they will not be accepted/no refund will be authorised and you will have to retrieve the item at your own cost. Please also note:

    • Refunds cannot be authorised if you fail to inspect your item upon delivery and contact us past the 3 days notification period. 
    •  Refunds cannot be authorised for any modified, washed or altered items
    •  Refunds cannot be issued for any delayed/lost/undelivered/ damaged items in the mailing system.
    •  We do not accept returns or cancellations on unwanted custom suits because you don’t like the item, changed your mind, damaged the item by accident and due to incorrect measurements, found an alternative or no longer competing.
    •  We do not accept any custom suits returns if your incorrect contest category suit was ordered. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm their contest-specific outfit requirements with the relevant federation prior to placing their order with us.
    • We shall not tolerate any unnecessary pressure from clients deliberately seeking ways and all sorts of  unreasonable 'issues' in the sole attempt to obtain refunds. Where you claim that you have paid a certain price, we have likewise invested our expertise, special skills, valuable time, effort and paid for your luxury materials to make your suit that you have chosen and with your individual measurements you have requested us and cannot refund you just because you can no longer afford the suit or cannot afford competing in general. 
    •  Connectors - As any jewellery, rhinestone connectors are delicate and need to be handled with care. Please be careful when trying on your gorgeous custom suits as any damage to the connectors is not regarded as a fault. We strongly advise that you take your measurements carefully - incorrect or smaller measurements can cause tension to the connector and damage it. Please do not bend, pull hard, or step on the rhinestone connectors. Refunds cannot be issued for any mishandled connectors, any connectors broken by accident.
    • Refunds cannot be arranged for any custom suits worn or no longer needed. Inability to find other alternatives because e.g contest too soon is NOT a valid reason for a refund. It is the customer's responsibility to plan and place their order in good time to allow for e.g delivery or any alterations that may be required.
      •  We must receive the item within 7 days of the complaint being made, this will then be examined and inspected which may take up to 14 business days. You must get Proof of Postage and a tracking number just in case something happens.

      • Fabric colours and patterns may vary due to various monitor settings. We offer free online fabric samples service to customers to ensure they make the perfect choice of material before going ahead with their custom suit order. Customers are also free to email us to request free fabric samples of any specific fabric colours or patterns eg. ombre, multi-colour etc. Selina Bikini will not be responsible if no fabric samples were requested prior to order and fabric or colour pattern was not as expected. Please also note that every item is uniquely and exclusively hand made-to-order and and as such we are unable to predict how a particular fabric pattern (e.g multicolour, ombre)  will come up on the finished product - please email us with any enquiries if you wish prior to order. We do not stock identical items made by machines in bulk from a factory. Each of our garments is unique, made-to-measure to every client. 
      • Please be aware that, any item returned to us due to it being faulty, will be tested before a replacement will be sent. Where any item is found to be faulty due to the buyer’s negligence, the buyer (YOU) will be liable and no free replacement will be offered.

      We are sorry but due to false promises in the past, we are unable to replace a faulty item until the original is returned to Selina Bikini.

      Returns - Posing Shoes

      IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. It has become a common practice unfortunately, that numerous clients have been ordering our luxury Pleaser USA shoes to wear at e.g posing workshops or for a single occasion use. Once worn the items are not eligible for a return. Despite that, worn shoes orders are still being returned and refunds being claimed. Please, please, please - be advised that we are able to recognise even the slightest signs of any worn shoes instantly (as well as when the shoe had been genuinely just tried on) no matter if you worn them just once on a perfectly clean surface. Having worn the shoes at a posing lesson or just at a single occasion makes them ineligible for a return/refund which means that your return WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.

      • Should you wish to return your shoes, please process your return via our Returns Centre or please contact us via email at: customercare@selinabikini.co.uk prior to sending them. Returns for footwear are accepted up to 14 days after delivery. Please note, any shoes returns must have a completed Returns Form which will be emailed to you.  Any goods received without the appropriate paperwork will not be authorised. All returns must be sent to the return address on the form All postage costs are non-refundable. Refunds usually take 3-5 business days to be processed. 
      • Any shoes returns must be in their original condition along with the original order reference, your name and a brief reason for the return.They must be unworn, still in the original undamaged packaging and in a resalable condition.
      • Sorry we cannot exchange footwear - REFUNDS ONLY.
      • Any shoes faults or incorrect items sent must be reported within 3 days of order receipt to: customercare@selinabikini.co.uk and the original items sent back within 14 days of receipt.
      • Should you decide to keep the shoes and not return them, e.g because your contest is too soon, then you accept that no refund can be arranged neither your return will be accepted. 
      • No refunds can be issued for hand crystallised shoes as these are made to order. In view of that, you accept that you cannot return the shoes even if they do not fit you. 
      • A full refund for faulty footwear will be made subject to the manufacturers deeming the goods are faulty. This can take up to 10 working days
      • We must be notified before the return is sent, we reserve the right to refuse delivery of any unauthorised returns.
      • If any footwear is returned after the 14 day period, or they are in a un-saleable condition, then we will be unable to accept them and you will have to retrieve the item at your own cost. 20% restocking fee will also be applicable. 

      Any goods, except for our made-to-measure, custom items and jewellery (due to hygienic reasons), can be returned for a refund within 14 days of receipt in their original, unworn and resalable condition. Approved returns will be refunded the purchase price less our shipping fees. Any items purchased as part of a promotion, will be refunded less the shipping costs. All returns must be sent to the return address stated on the return form. We are not responsible for any parcels sent to different / incorrect addresses and no refunds will be issued. 

      Returns - Jewellery

      In the interests of hygiene and for your protection, unsealed jewellery items are non-refundable and non-exchangable. Any faults or issues must be reported within 3 days from receipt by email: customercare@selinabikini.co.uk 

      Important Returns Information

      Postage costs of sending any product back to us falls with the customer. We regret that in compliance with the current UK Health and Hygiene regulations, we cannot accept the return of pierced items such as earrings or piercings, unsealed jewellery and cosmetics.

       Order Information

      Once you have submitted your online order, and providing you have given us a valid email address, you will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge receipt of your order. Our acceptance of your order, and the conclusion of the contract will only occur when we dispatch your goods.  We accept no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions contained in this website or any decisions based on information in this site. We will not be held responsible for delays to your delivery that are out of our control, although we will do our utmost to liaise with any 3rd party carriers to resolve any issues as soon as is possible. Selina Bikini will not be responsible for any order delays that may occur beyond our control such as 3rd party delay of materials, bank holidays, staff sickness or any such other unforeseen circumstances. We will, however, endeavour to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

      Selina Bikini may take images of any custom order for portfolio and networking purposes. This includes (but is not limited to): Selina Bikini's online shop : Business facebook, instagram and twitter pages: printed materials such as business cards and leaflets also to present Selina Bikini's custom work and services. The client may access and share these images as they so wish. 

      Whilst we take every effort to meet our customers' needs and pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service, should any form of dispute arises, we always follow the 'communicate effectively and resolve amicably' approach. Kindly inform us about the situation as much in detail as possible by sending us an email to customercare@selinabikini.co.uk. We will then be able to review the case and take every detail into consideration and endeavour to reply within 7 days of your email receipt. We will do all we can to find a solution to the matter and provide further ways of assistance whenever possible.

      We reserve our right to withdraw/refuse our service, block users or suspend accounts at anytime without any notice should any inappropriate approach, misuse of our site, bullying or intimidating, blackmailing or threats or any other such activities occur. From time to time, we may make changes to our Terms and Conditions. We reserve our right to change prices at any time without notice.


      Selina Bikini’s competition/s are in no way associated with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. No cash alternative to stated prize. The prize is non-transferable, cannot be refunded and no alternatives can be offered. 

      Open to UK residents aged 18 or over, except employees of Selina Bikini, their immediate families, anyone professionally associated with this promotion and any entrants sponsored or due to be sponsored by a competitor company prior to receiving their completed custom bikini prize. No bulk, third party or automated entries are permitted.

      Entrants must be competing in any fitness, bodybuilding and pole dance fitness competitions and have their own active personal Instagram. Winner/s are chosen at the end of the competition at random. The Winner/s must provide all details within the specified timescales as per Selina Bikini’s prize information email in order to claim the Prize. Selina Bikini's standard completion and shipping terms apply.

      Selina Bikini reserves the right to publish the Winner/s’ name and entry on Selina Bikini’s official social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and on its website found at www.selinabikini.co.uk.

      By entering the competition, if you are a Winner you agree to take part in and co-operate fully with all reasonable publicity accompanying or resulting from this competition without further recompense.

      Any Entry or Winner that is deemed by Selina Bikini in its sole discretion, to

      • cause confusion or create a false affiliation to Selina Bikini’s exclusive products with another company’s or any such action that may compromise Selina Bikini’s well established brand identity.
      • to be unlawful, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, offensive or which may otherwise bring the competition or Selina Bikini into disrepute

      will be excluded from the competition and Selina Bikini reserves the right to take any further action in respect of such Entry that it deems appropriate.

      By submitting an entry you licence and grant Selina Bikini and its affiliates an exclusive, royalty free, perpetual, worldwide and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish and display such content for any purpose in any media including, but not limited to the Selina Bikini’s website, social media accounts, marketing materials, newsletters and promotional material without further compensation, restriction on use, attribution or liability;

      Selina Bikini will not assume responsibility for any Prize that is not redeemed.

      Selina Bikini reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or these Terms and Conditions if it has reasonable grounds for doing so. By entering Selina Bikini’s competition you are accepting these terms and conditions. Entries and Winner/s that are not in accordance with the terms and conditions will not count and any prize/s will be voided. Selina Bikini reserves the right to cancel the competition and prize if less than 15 entrants have taken part in it. 


      •  About the prize – the winner shall notify us about their bikini choice which can be any bikini suit from our eshop > selinabikini.co.uk . The colour ONLY may be customised on our discretion subject to availability
      • Current shipping address shall be provided by the winner.
      • Class or Category they are taking part in e.g bikini, figure.
      • Measurements to be provided in line with our Measuring Guide ONLY > http://www.selinabikini.co.uk/pages/measuring-guide No standard dress sizes, photos or any other alternative sizing methods accepted.
      • Standard Turnaround times apply.
      • Once the winner contact us to claim their prize, they will need to submit all requested information such as chosen bikini design, measurements, etc within 30 days of prize confirmation.
      • Prize available to competitors only. The winner shall inform us of the date and place of their upcoming competition. If that is not possible at the time of claiming the prize Selina Bikini reserves the right to request from the winner a date/a registration/other evidence to confirm their competition prior to dispatching the prize.
      • No cash alternative to stated.
      • The prize is non-transferable and cannot be refunded and Selina Bikini cannot guarantee that the prizes will be free from all disruptions, failings and/or errors. Selina Bikini reserves the right to substitute the prizes with prizes of equal, like for like or greater value at any time.
      • Winner/s cannot sell their prizes later   
      • The Winner/s must provide all details within the specified timescales as per Selina Bikini’s prize information email in order to claim the Prize.
      • Any extras such as padding, specific bra style, alterations, express service and priority shipping requests will be subject to standard/additional costs. Once all info is advised no further changes on the custom bikini can be made.
      • Once all info is advised NO further changes on the custom bikini can be made. No exceptions sorry.
      • We aim to reply to any enquiries within 48 hours (except weekends and bank holidays), please allow 3 working days for a reply during peak periods. Our gorgeous custom suits take time to make and therefore we cannot offer a immediate email reply/live chat service, but you will receive a reply within the stated times above.
      • Selina Bikini will not assume responsibility for any Prize that is not claimed.

        Selina Bikini reserves the right to cancel or amend the Prize or these Terms and Conditions if it has reasonable grounds for doing so. Winner/s that are not in accordance with the terms and conditions will not count and any prize/s will be voided.


      Any promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts such as VIP Membership discount or sale offers. Selina Bikini is a company registered in England 'SELINA BIKINI', VAT Registration Number: 204603648 Company registered address: 101 Toronto Road, Portsmouth, PO2 7QD, United Kingdom


      General Enquiries: enquiries@selinabikini.co.uk

      Order Enquiries: info@selinabikini.co.uk 

      Alterations Service: customercare@selinabikini.co.uk